Traveller Information

All passengers coming to or leaving the Lebanese territories must declare any and all items in their possession.

The luggage of the passengers is inspected. The Customs administration, may, at its sole discretion, check the identity of passenger.
1. Declaration at Departure
Any Lebanese person or a foreigner residing in Lebanon must declare in writing, when traveling abroad, any and all personal items indicated hereinafter and that he wishes to bring them back without being subject to customs duties:
  • Fur and valuable coats
  • Jewelries
  • Watches, cameras and similar items which value is over LPB Two Million Four Hundred Thousand (LBP 2.400.000) .
  • Any other similar items which number is over the number set for personal use are subject to the regular procedures of temporary export.

It is absolutely forbidden to export weapons, ammunitions, narcotics and archeological pieces and currencies.

These items are declared by using special cards according to a special form and in compliance with the procedures provided for hereinafter:

  • The list of items shall be typed on double papers so that each paper will form two copies. The second copy is filled by using carbon paper and it may be detached from the first paper.

  • The cards are filled either by the passenger himself or by the airline officers or the customs officers. In all cases, the card must be signed by the passenger.

  • This list must also be signed by customs controller or his representative after checking its content and values and making the required comments, if necessary.

  • The list shall have a serial registration number that shall be mentioned on both copies. The first registered copy is immediately delivered to the passenger and the second copy is intended to complete the registration procedure and is kept at the Customs administration as reference at the return of the passenger

  • The forms of such declaration are kept at the customs offices and they are distributed to the travel agencies and airlines offices. Any person, providing travel services, may acquire such printouts, at its own cost, provided that they comply with the requirements of dimensions and content of the Customs' form.
2. Value of Items which are admitted without restrictions
A. The passenger may enter the following items, duty fee:
  • Tobacco : 800 cigarettes or 1000 grams for pipes or 50 cigars or 100 cigarillos or 1000 grams of tobacco.
  • Alcohols: Two liters of whisky, champagne, cognac or any other similar products, or 4 liters of any other alcohols.
  • Perfumes : One liter of cologne or 100 grams of perfumes.
  • Medicines: the required quantity for personal use.
  • Non-commercial personal items within the limits provided for hereinafter:

    - LBP 500.000 : for Lebanese, Syrian and Jordanian passengers and foreigners living in Lebanon and Syria and Jordan and passengers coming from Syria and Jordan.

    - LBP 2.000.000: for all passengers coming to Lebanon.
3. Terms and Conditions for availing of such facilities
Any person may avail of such facilities once every six months. Any persons that travel frequently may not avail of such exemption.

The value indicated here above might be alleviated for any person who is over eighteen years old.

Passengers under 18 years old may benefit of half of the sums provided for here above to the exception of tobacco and alcohols.

It is absolutely forbidden to enter any arms, ammunitions, narcotics, immoral publications and recordings.

These measures are applicable to all passengers passing through borders whether at the airports, ports or land borders.
4. Passengers Announcement
The measures provided for here above are published in Arabic, French and English in a visible place at the passengers' lounge. It is also distributed to the travel agencies, maritime agencies and airlines companies (See Announcement attached herewith).